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Virtual Box – Access host [Mac OS X] physical ethernet port from guest OS [Windows 7].

If you are in a hurry here is the quick summary :

To access the host machine’s ethernet adapter/port from your guest os, you need to create a bridged adapter on the virtual machine. The bridged adapter maps a virtual interface on the guest os to the physical ethernet adapter/port on the host machine.

Got some time ? Then read on…

I got  a new TRENDnet  Gaming Adapter TEW-647GA (Wireless Bridge) to connect my 20 GB PS3 to the Internet and also to explore the Internet@TV features of my Samsung LED TV.


The wireless bridge comes with a setup utility on a CD. If you are on a Windows machine then setup is a breeze. But if you are on a Macbook/Macbook Pro/Mac you may not be so lucky. Fortunately, for me I had  Virtual Box with Windows 7 set up as a guest instance.

How to Access the host ethernet port from the guest OS ?

Connect the wireless bridge to the built-in ethernet port on the host and power up it up.

From your guest OS, mount the host CD drive  and run the setup.exe utility.

By default virtual box sets up the guest os to use NAT networking, running the setup utility with the default (NAT) virtual machine networking configuration will fail. The wireless bridge will not be recognized by the setup utility.

Reconfigure the guest virtual machine with a bridged adapter and map this new adapter to the physical built-in ethernet network adapter.

Run setup utility again from the guest os.

Setup.exe should now discover the wireless bridge connected to the ethernet port on the host machine.

Follow the instructions on the TRENDnet  installation guide. On my Window 7 guest OS I had to ignore the error messages that said configuration had failed. The configuration had in fact completed successfully and I was able to connect to my Netgear WGR614 router and the internet.

Disconnect the wireless bridge from the ethernet port and connect it to the gaming console. The gaming console should automatically pick up an IP via DHCP and your gaming console should be connected to the net.

Have fun!

Additional Notes :

You can configure an extra adapter (adapter 2) on your virtual machine if adapter 1 is configured with NAT networking already. TRENDnet Setup utility will still recognize the wireless bridge connected to the ethernet port.

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