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Playing music on the LG Optimus V

I finally bought a smartphone. Its an LG Optimus V with Android 2.2 OS.

It’s my first smartphone ever. I was excited to transfer and play some music from my mp3 collection on the Mac using the pre-installed Music application on the smartphone.

I did not find any easy and quick instructions to transfer music files to the LG Optimus V.

Here is how I loaded music files from my Mac to my new LG Optimus V smartphone:

  • Connect the smartphone to your Mac using the supplied USB cable.
  • The “Turn USB Storage On” button should pop up on your smartphone. Press this button.
  • The smartphone should now appear as a folder on your Mac Finder.
  • Using Mac Finder, create a new folder on the smartphone and name it Music
  • Copy music files from your Mac into the new Music folder on the smartphone.
  • Wait for the copying to complete.
  • Press the eject button on the Mac Finder to safely remove the smartphone from your Mac.
  • A “Turn USB Storage Off” button should appear on the smartphone. Press this button.
  • Start the Music app on the smartphone and you should be able to see/play the music files
    on your smartphone.

This is the quick and dirty method to play music on your smartphone.

Syncing your music files between the Mac and your smartphone is an obvious problem with this approach. If you know of any good applications for the Mac or PC that syncs music files for Android phones, please leave a comment.

I am discovering new apps for the LG Optimus V every day and will share them as I discover interesting apps.

[Update 02/15/2011]

Bluetooth is another option to transfer your music files from your Mac to your LG Optimus V smartphone.

You have to pair your smartphone with the Mac to transfer files.

Once your smartphone and your Mac are paired, just right click on the album folder or an individual music file and send to the “paired” phone.

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